Lessons I learned from Issues with Installing React Native (expo) in Windows Powershell

My Mistake

Instead of doing the normal way of installing everything and learning while testing it out, I decided that it was good to just start with learning how React Native works.

Getting Started and Installation

I learned through all the tutorial videos that I watched that using Expo is the best way for beginners to learn and create using React Native. So I started with going to expo.io to follow its tutorial for installing it.

Screenshot from expo.io/learn
npm install expo-cli --global

The Errors and Fixes

Step 4: expo init ProjectName…Error. Windows powershell told me that the term ‘expo’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet. Now I’m dumbfounded, didn’t I just install expo on the previous command and why is it telling me it’s not installed?

npx expo init ProjectName
yarn global add expo-cli


Now comes the day where the team was suppose to talk about what we did over the past week and I have nothing…an empty project with no code whatsoever. My team laughed at me for a bit but they forgave me in the end, told me next time I should listen to them and do the installation first. Always do the baby steps instead of being too ambitious and dreaming way too big.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned



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